Windows Alert – Security Patches

Microsoft Announces Security Flaws in Internet Explorer and Windows Defender

Install the Emergency Patch to Help You Stay Protected

What is Happening?

In a rare move, Microsoft is urging Windows users to install an emergency out-of-band patch via Windows Update to address a security flaw affecting Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11. Microsoft verified that the flaw is actively being exploited and could allow a cybercriminal to run malicious code on an affected PC.

Microsoft also announced a flaw in Defender, its built-in malware scanner. If the flaw were exploited, it could trigger a denial-of-service condition, potentially resulting in app failure.

What Should You Do?

Although Norton offerings can help protect customers against security threats such as malware, it’s important that users install recommended patches. When prompted, allow the Windows Update to run on your device. Or, manually run a Windows update.

*Courtesy of the Symantec Corporation.

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